Important Dates

As an employee, covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Hudson Education Association and Hudson School Committee, it is your responsibility to be aware of the many time sensitive items regarding your employment.

At the beginning of each school year you will receive a notice from Human Resources
stating the amount of your salary, number of sick days and personal days available. Make
sure that you check that your salary, sick day, and personal day information are correct.
If they are not correct report it immediately to HR Central Office 978-567-6100.

Paid for years of service in Hudson to those who have reached maximum in a preparation scale.
It does not require recurrent study.

If you are on any of the following steps on the Salary Schedule, you must successfully
complete a 3 credit graduate level course prior to the next school year in order to move to
the next step. If you do not successfully complete the 3 credit course you will not move to
the next step.

Starred Steps
Bachelors Column Step 2, Step 5, Step, 7, Step 9
Bachelors + 15 Column Step 2, Step 5, Step, 7, Step 9
Masters Column Step 2, Step 5

September 30 - Deadline
September 30th is the deadline to notify the Town Treasurer's Office of any changes you
wish to make in your 403 B plan, 457 plan, and/or Roth IRA plan.

October 15 - Deadline
Staff member will be given an opportunity to express, in writing, their needs for supplies,
equipment, and materials for the following year. (Article 30)

October 31 - Deadline
Restrictions 2B p.51 for more detailed information All required documentation for coursework
completed form movement on the salary scale must be submitted on or before by this date.

November 1 - Deadline
Early Retirement - deadline for applicant to declare his/her written intention in order to
receive $5000.00 incentive. (Article 32) and Sick-Leave Buy-Back (Article 18)

November 1 - Deadline
If a teacher expects to qualify to move to a new preparation scale (For example: Masters
+15 to Masters +30) in the Salary Schedule the following September, preliminary written
notification must be given to the Superintendent of Schools on or before November 1st of
the school year preceding the expected movement. (Restrictions # 1)

December 1 - Deadline
SENIORITY LIST - The Seniority List is issued around December 1st of each year.
Once the Seniority List has been published, it is your responsibility to check the Seniority
List to make sure that your information is accurate. If your information is not accurate it
is your responsibility to notify the Human Resources office, immediately. According to
the contract you have 4 weeks from the issuance of the Seniority List to make changes.
(Article 4F)

December 15 - Deadline
Sabbatical Leave - deadline for applicant to submit application for extended leave.
(Article 21)

January 31 - Deadline
January 31st is the deadline to notify the Town Treasurer's Office of any changes you
wish to make in your 403 B plan, 457 plan, and/or Roth IRA plan.
HEA ~ Time Sensitive Items ~ 9/08 3

February 1 - Deadline
Deadline for statement of intent to the Superintendent of Schools for a staff member on
extended leave of absence  (Article 20.J p. 28; Article 20.L p.29)

February 1 - Deadline
Deadline to request a voluntary transfer (Article 11 F)

May 1 to May 31 - Open Enrollment for Sick Bank
( Article 18.C p. 23)

April 15 - Deadline
Sabbatical Leave - successful applicants will be notified (Article 21)

May 15 - Deadline
Last day for the administration to notify staff of involuntary transfers. (Article 11 D)

May 31 - Deadline
May 31st is typically the deadline for open enrollment for signing up for or changing
Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Flexible Spending Account for Healthcare or

June 15 - Non-renewals
Anyone in their first 3 years of employment maybe non-renewed by this date.

August 15 - Deadline
If you are moving from one column to another column on the salary scale or needed to
take a 3 credit course to move to the next step, you must submit a written request to the
Human Resource Office using the appropriate HPS form and required documentation for
adjustment in the Salary Schedule (Restrictions # 2). If you do not have your grade or
receipt by August 15th you need to notify the Human Resource Office that you are still
awaiting this information from the educational institution.

August 15 - Deadline
Deadline for staff members to be notified of school, grades, subject, or assignment
(Article 10 A)

August 31 - Deadline
All recurrent study requirements must have been satisfactorily completed by August 31st
or increments will be withheld for that school year. (Restrictions # 3)

Other Time Sensitive Items:

GRIEVANCES - A grievance is a violation of the contract. If there is a violation of the
contract a grievance must be filed within 7 days of the alleged violation. (Article 3 B)


Please note that the current contract and or an MOA supersedes this document