HEA Building Representatives - 2019-2020

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to share them with one of your building representatives.  The following people can direct your inquiries to the appropriate channels in each building:

Mellisa Cronin,  CO- Building Coordinator *
Michelle Farley
Liz Lloyd
Sandra Sullivan
One position open

Forest Ave
Nichole Fratoni
Catherine Joyce
Kathy Nugent
One position open

Hubert Pre-school
Debbie Coviello

Coleen Garofolo
Melissa Johnson, Building Coordinator *
Angela Ryll

Rebecca Appel CO-Building Coordinator *
Kerry Bartlett
Jessica Byrd
Melisa DiFonzo
Andrea Haapanen
Diana Hatstat, CO-Building Coordinator *
Melissa Leisure
Molly McCarley
Whitney Nielsen
Lonnie Quirion

Kelly Cabral
Tracey Calandra
Melissa Cherry   
Courtney Cray, Building Coordinator *
Kara Kitredge
Caitlin Lahey

*  Building Coordinator for 18-19
Building Representatives