Negotiations Team


Courtney Cray
Catherine Murphy
Lauren O'Brien
Sandra Sullivan    
Linsey Colarullo      
Kathleen Nugent        
Carla Pavao


Section 1. Shall negotiate with the School Committee on contractual issues.

Section 2. Shall consist of seven (7) members elected by the general membership, whenever possible the negotiations team should be comprised of one representative from each building.

Section 3. The chairperson of the Negotiations Team will be appointed from its membership by the HEA Executive Board.

Section 4. After soliciting and procuring input from the general membership, the Negotiation Team will prepare proposals to be presented to the School Committee.

Section 5.Upon reaching tentative agreement on all matters under negotiation, the Team shall post or report in meeting, open to those stipulated in the Recognition Clause of the Contract, its recommendations three days prior to a ratification meeting. The Contract shall be ratified by a majority vote of those present and voting at a General Membership meeting. Procedure for ratification of an agreement shall be consistent with law.

Section 6. Vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Board. The appointee will serve the duration of said position.

Term of Office

18-19 / 19-20 / 20-21
18-19 / 19-20 / 20-21
18-19 / 19-20 / 20-21
18-19 / 19-20 / 20-21
17-18 / 18-19 / 19-20
19-20 / 20-21 / 21-22
19-20 / 20-21 / 21-22

Quinn Middle School    
Mulready School
Mulready School
Farley School    
Mulready School
Forest Ave School    
Hudson High School