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Welcome to the Hudson Education Association website

We hope this is a useful resource for our members and all those who join us in our commitment to both public education and to the outstanding women and men who make a difference in the lives of the young people of Hudson.

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Who We Are

The Hudson Teachers Association (HEA) is the professional organization of more than 280 classroom teachers, specialized teaching personnel, school counselors and nurses.
The HEA is committed to providing the highest quality public education to all students of our community. The HEA works with its members to improve educational opportunities for all students and to promote and protect the professional rights and responsibilities of its members. We seek to promote the interests of educators, uphold high professional standards and to advance the socioeconomic well being of educators. 

Use the link below to access  the  2015-2018 contract.

There will be an HEA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, September 1, 2016, HHS Auditorium, after The Superintendents meeting, for the purpose of amending the HEA Bylaws. In accordance with the HEA Bylaws this will serve as notification of the posting of the proposed revisions to the HEA Bylaws.
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